Bayou Segnette State Park Improvements

Westwego, LA



The project consists of five (5) areas of work, including playground improvements, boat launch improvements, culvert replacement, cabin roadway improvements, and bridge improvements. Implementation of the project was required as sea level rise and lack of routine maintenance had left a portion of the State Park unusable to the public. The design team was tasked with complete engineering services inclusive of topographic survey, preparation of a full design package, including drawings and specifications, coordination with the client for bidding, construction administration, and resident inspection services for all areas of work. The playground and boat launch components were designed as stand-alone construction packages, and each construction package was released for bid 3-4 months apart to stagger the construction area. Our design team strategically designed and released the construction packages to ensure multiple contractors could work in the area at the same time, and to ensure that all available construction funding was utilized.

The playground scope included re-grading of the site for ADA access, use of poured-in-place rubberized play surface for the playground fall zone, and installation of new sidewalks and miscellaneous drainage improvements. The playground was the first project released for bid and the first project constructed.

The boat launch scope included making improvements to the existing launch area and overflow parking lot due to constant flooding. The work consists of cold milling the existing asphalt surface in the boat launch area, adding a new asphalt surface at a higher elevation, removing the existing site lighting, and replacing with an LED lighting system, adding a covered structure and walkway to dock for adverse weather conditions, adding a trench drain system to convey storm runoff, and adding new sidewalks and curbing. The overflow parking lot consists of adding asphalt to the existing asphalt surface to raise its elevation.  Boat launch work includes new piling and setting a new elevation for the launch to be equivalent with the parking lot elevation.

The culvert replacement, cabin roadway improvements and bridge approach replacements were designed but not constructed due to funding limitations. The current conditions were such that during high tide, and dependent on wind direction, the cabin roadway was completely inundated and unpassable, leading the public to not have access to the cabins. The design elevated the entire roadway, sidewalks, utility maintenance pads, and parking areas for the cabins. Following construction, high tide would no longer engulf the roadway and would allow the public to access the cabins without delay. The culvert replacement design removed and replaced numerous cross culverts which had severe settlement issues. Additionally, the bridge approaches had to be re-designed due to settlement issues. MSMM is the Prime firm for this project and was tasked with providing 100% of the design and construction services associated with this project.

  1. Playground
  2. Boat Launch
  3. Bayou Segnette


Westwego, LA


Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority of Louisiana


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