Blue and Green Corridors Stormwater Resilience

Gentilly, New Orleans, Louisiana



MSMM Engineering, a DBE subconsultant to Stantec, performed electrical design and Entergy coordination on Phase I and Phase 3 of the Blue and Green Corridors Stormwater Resilience Project in Gentilly.  The phase I project is to create canals (blue corridors) and vegetation/parks (green corridors) within the neutral grounds on Robert E. Lee Boulevard between London Drive and Franklin Avenue, and on Elysian Fields Avenue between Filmore Avenue and Robert E. Lee Boulevard. MSMM’s design tasks were to design site lighting and provide power to bridge accent lighting, two pump stations, multiple pedestrian countdowns, aeration tubing, three aeration fountains and three submersible waterfall pumps.  Coordination was required with the design team and the City of New Orleans staff to identify the correct location for these features.

The phase 3 project provides blue and green infrastructure at the northeast and northwest corners of Robert E. Lee Boulevard and St. Anthony Avenue and all four corners at the intersection of Robert E. Lee Boulevard and St. Roch Avenue.  MSMM is tasked with designing site lighting and project programming.  Both phases required extensive knowledge of the Green Infrastructure features being designed, the overall purpose/objective of the project, extensive coordination with stakeholders and public utility design to City of New Orleans standards. The anticipated completion date for this project is June 2021.


Gentilly, New Orleans, Louisiana


City of New Orleans - Department of Public Works


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