East Baton Rouge Parish North Landfill Leachate Pond Abandonment

Baton Rouge, Louisiana



Through a Federal program to fund Environmental Infrastructure programs within local municipalities, MSMM representing the USACE New Orleans District, is working with the East Baton Rouge Parish Government (non-Federal sponsor) on a program to eliminate the onsite lagoon treatment and discharge in favor of a new forcemain and pump station modifications that ties into the city-parish sanitary sewer treatment facilities.  This program is being undertaken due to anticipated increases in stringency of discharge limitations into Baton Rouge Bayou; it will eliminate a discharge permit through the LDEQ; and takes advantage of the newly constructed Zachary Area Transmission Network Improvements Project.

MSMM was responsible for providing 100% bid ready plans and specifications (in USACE format) for closure and abandonment of the three surface treatment ponds.  Design documents addressed methods to drain the ponds; removal and disposal of the existing sewage sludge; removal of the existing levees surrounding the ponds; removal of the HDPE liners; removal of existing treatment equipment including piping, concrete structures, and UV System; and fill and grading of the approximate 6-acre area to return it to the appearance of natural land.

Additional services performed by MSMM included survey, geotech, sludge sampling for analysis, MCACES cost estimate, coordination with East Baton Rouge Parish and the landfill operators.  Continuing tasks upon completion of the pump station and forcemain construction will be to assist the USACE with bidding and construction services, EA and coordination with the LA Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) for closure of the treatment facilities.


Baton Rouge, Louisiana


USACE New Orleans Disctrict


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