Kennedy Heights Liftstation C9-2 Rehabilitation

Westwego, Louisiana

Kennedy Hghts - LS


MSMM was tasked by the Jefferson Parish Department of Sewerage to provide full engineering design of sewer lift station rehabilitation to the Kennedy Heights Lift Station located in Westwego, LA. The Kennedy Heights station is a pre-constructed building located on a slab foundation that consists of four total pumps, of which only one was operational. The discharge forcemain consisted of a 24-inch diameter Price Brothers pipe that discharges to the Avondale North lift station. The Wet Well is lined with t-lock but required inspection and minor rehabilitation during construction. The lift station required replacement of pumps, piping, valves, controls and other rehabilitation items.

MSMM tasks on this project consisted of full engineering and design of rehabilitation features to make this station completely operational again. This included: replacing the pumps, replacing the control panel, replacing discharge piping and valves, replacing the sluice gates, rehabilitation to the influent junction box, replacing the surge relief valve, replacing the building door, replacing the three round wet well manhole access covers with aluminum hatches, installing a restroom, and replacing the valve pit grating.  MSMM completed full engineering and design in early 2019 and oversaw the construction administration. Construction was completed in March 2020.


Westwego, Louisiana


Jefferson Parish, Louisiana


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